Bitcoin Dollar Cost Averaging calculator

What is DCA?

DCA stands for Dollar Cost Averaging. It is a calculation of the amount of Bitcoin and its dollar equivalent that you will receive if you invest a certain amount over a certain period. For example, you can buy a certain amount of Bitcoin every day, every week on a specific day of the week, every month on a certain day of the month, or once a year on a specific date. The goal of DCA is to buy according to your plan, without caring about the price, and thus get a better average price for the purchase. Of course, we cannot predict the future and whether we will gain or lose, but we can see the past and check how much we would have gained or lost if we had practiced this method. You can also check your real purchases if you know their exact dates and calculate your profit. Please note that this is a simple calculator and no information is stored anywhere, so whatever you enter is only available to you.